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Power Boost Workshop with Emerging Women!

The Enneagram: Growing Beyond the Limitations of Personality

In this Power Boost with Susie Herrick, author, psychotherapist, and personality typology expert,  we will explore how women can use the Enneagram personality system to help us build a bridge back to our authentic voice and feminine power.  When we use the Enneagram effectively, it provides us with ways to emerge with more coherence, strength and agency.

More specifically, we will practice how to use the Enneagram to understand the motivation underlying our working style, and enable us to grow beyond the limitations of personality, in order to have more conscious choices.

The ego fixations that keep away unwanted aspects of our mind are mapped out in the Enneagram typology system in amazing detail. It offers us a language, and reflective tool, of where the doors and pathways are to regain lost wisdom from the deep internal self. This enables us to have choice in how we want to respond, as opposed to being directed by something we cannot see. It aligns us with something almost ineffable; a wellspring of self that once touched, changes everything.  With this deeper understanding of ourselves, our capacity to lead effectively expands greatly.