Susie Herrick MFT

M.A., Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University and B.S., Psychology, Santa Clara University

Susie Herrick is a licensed pychotherapist, personality typology expert, former academic department chair and professor, certified mediator, trainer, consultant, and writer. She has taught, coached, and mentored over two thousand graduate students in counseling psychology.

Susie grew up in a transformative spiritual and activist-based community leading workshops from a young age, with examples of strong women leaders in spirit, ceremony, and one-on-one. Susie has worked with female teachers in Tibet, with leaders in domestic violence, in academia, teaching mediation skills and the Enneagram, including at Stanford Law School, Stanford Haas Center for Public Service, United States Postal Service, State of California, Monterey Institute of International Studies, and many other institutions, including Santa Clara and San Mateo County Jails and San Quentin State Prison.

As a clinician, speaker, trainer, and management consultant Susie has also worked at high-tech and other large corporations. Additionally, she has worked on issues such as nuclear war prevention with Helen Caldicott, on peace, environmental, and educational activism and outreach. Susie's memoir Aphrodite Emerges tells the story of how she transformed sexist and misogynist tendencies in her own family by recognizing these patterns and changing herself.